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Play The Pursued, a two player survival game which pits you and a friend against each other in fierce survival tactics. As the boy you must escape the mansion by finding a key to leave the building. As the monster you must stop the boy from leaving the level.

The Pursued is a two-player horror survival game where one player controls a child character who must search through the level to find a key and unlock the exit door to win. The hunter character must find the child and capture him to win.

The game has a similar cat and mouse style to the recently released coop game dead by daylight.

Both players play on a single screen. Each character takes turns to move, this turn length is predefined however it gets shorter the close the two characters are to each other, creating tension. The game will be able to be played with either a controller or mouse and keyboard, depending on the user's preferences.

Target platform(s)

PC - initially the game will be solely focused on release for Windows. Should there be spare time at the end of development, preparing both a mac and console release should not be overly difficult given our control schemes and development engine choice.

Ethan (Main character) has been kidnapped. Waking up in a strange building he must escape. Robert has awoken to find his child slave escaped! He must find him before he can escape.

The game is set in an old derelict house in 1978, Redbridge.

Each player plays as one of two different characters. The first, Ethan is a 13 year old schoolboy who has been kidnapped and The second is Robert, a middle aged man.

Robert discovers that Ethan is loose in his house, he needs to try and catch him before he gets out

The player playing as the child wins if he escapes a level, therefore if he does not the other player wins.\

Create By Sam Booty & Chris Wesemael

StatusIn development
AuthorSam Booty
Made withUnity
Tags2-player, 3D, Horror, Unity


The Pursued Executable 40 MB