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Adventus is a simple horror game very similar to the Slender games. The game will focus on its use of sound and atmosphere to convince the player that they are fighting for their lives. They will need to try and avoid a monster which only moves when it can't be seen. This drives the player into trying to find a balance between looking at it to keep it stationary, or looking away from it to save their sanity/health. To win the player must collect a certain number of pages from a book which have been scattered around the map. The player will discover buildings on their path to winning which will try to attract his interest.

The game will consist of a fully functioning main menu with piano a piano piece; this piece can be used across several of the scenes. Then there will also be another piece which is used for the main game. The main scene will be on a terrain and will have custom built trees grasses and buildings for the player to see. There will also be a win screen and a loss screen depending on how the player did. The game will need these fundamental basics before we move on to create more levels which could be bigger and with more variety to the monsters decision making.

The targeted platforms will be the windows PC and the MAC OS. IF we are able to create the game for these two operating systems then we may in the future focus on trying to port the game to iOS, if we believe the functionality is there to support the game.

To build the game we will be using Unity version 5.0 +. The modeling software will be made using 3ds max, music for the game will be made on piano and converted to mp3 files. We will then use sound editing software Audacity to edit it. We will also be using Audacity for the creation of the games sound effects.

The player will wield their trusty torch and go out into the night to try and find the pages of a book. While they do this they will be hunted down by the monster. If the player looks at the monster, the monster will stop moving but will slowly damage the player. If the monster gets within a small distance of the player, the payer will lost their health very quickly and will become less sane. This will be shown by blood appearing on the screen. The game will need to have a health bar to show how much health the player has left. This health bar will be small so that it doesn't get in the way of the players viewport. The player will use the keyboard and mouse to move and look around. The monster will be an NPC and will function off of his own merits. IF the monster is behind a building or tree, I want him to be able to continue moving. If he has the option of two paths, one where the player will be able to see, and one where the player cannot see, I want him to be able to choose the path where the player cannot see so that he can surprise the player. You can see an example of this in protoype version one (located at the top of the page).

You have just left someone house (this will be shown on the main menu) and have no memory of where you are, all that you know is that you mustn't look at 'it', you mustn't get near it, you need to follow the path and you need to find the lost pages. You are told this by reading a note left on the table in the main menu. When the player first discovers the monster it needs to be made obvious that he shouldn't be looking a t it, this will be portrayed by playing a loud white noise every time the player is looking at the monster.


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Not too bad, if a little too similar to Slender.